Audio Cds

BIM Basic 2008

A Training CD for every day:
Basic knowledge about anatomy, following the Franklin Method©, is gained with movement, imagination and music (B.I.M.).

  • Enhance daily exercise with music
  • Integrate anatomic processes into the embodiment
  • Improve everyday movements
  • Experience relaxation and wellness
  • Experience pleasure in moving to music
  • Enjoy the manifold songs
  • For trainers and trainees!
  • For all who love to move



    • Eleonore Petzel – percussion, ocarina, cover artwork & logo

Christian Recklies – vocals, percussion, human beatbox, didgeridoo

  • Sophia Mae Tabassi – vocals, flute, recording technic
  • Martin Rotheneder – guitar on track 5
  • Manuel Brunner – Double Bass on tracks 1 & 4
  • Leslie BM_RS-3B – train horn on track 5
Produced by: B.I.M.
Recorded at: Kinderzimmer Studios, Vienna, Austria
Mixed by: Martin Rotheneder
Mastered by: Harald Pairits
Grafics by: Christian Novak

BIM Pelvic Power 1

A training CD for the entire pelvis:

Following the principles of the Franklin Method©, the bone and muscular structures of the pelvis are taught by means of movement, imagination and music.

  • Train the mobility of the pelvis
  • Embody the pelvic bones, muscles and organs
  • Experience the pelvic floor’s power and mobility
  • Dynamic as well as relaxing exercises
  • Exercise instructions by speakers/singers
  • Literary reference: “Pelvic Power“ (Eric Franklin)
  • For trainers and trainees!
  • Improving everyday movements
  • B.I.M.




  • Composition (exept track 7 :J.S.Bach), text, arrangement & © by B.I.M.
  • Eleonore Petzel – vocals, guitar, udu, sansula, whistling, recording, cover artwork
  • Sophia Mae Tabassi– vocals, flute, speaker, recording technic
  • Christian Recklies – speaker; vocals on track 5 & 10, sounds
  • Melissa Hosler – drums & percussion
  • Martin Rotheneder – guitar on track 4
  • Manuel Brunner– double bass
  • Karin Hopferwieser – cello (tracks 6,7,9)
  • Larry Lofquist – keybords (tracks 1 & 3)
  • Alexander Fischer – trumpet, flĂĽgelhorn (tracks 1, 3, 10)
Produced by: B.I.M.
Recorded at: Dschungelstudios Vienna, Austria
Mixed by: Daniel Letschka
Mastered by: Martin Scheer
Grafics by: Marlies Allmaier