About us

We have taken on the challenge of writing and composing music which guides and accompanies movement exercises according to the imaginative Franklin-Method®. As musicians with performing arts diplomas we placed emphasis on creating demanding and versatile music pieces. B.I.M. is a unique combination of movement, imagination and music.The texts and the music describe various structures and functions within the body. B.I.M. helps to embody these anatomic connections. The tracks invite the listener to exercise with ease or to just simply lean back and enjoy music. Based on neuro-didactic knowledge, B.I.M. also enables the listener to learn passively through the subconscious. Just listening suffices!

  • Enhance daily exercise with music
  • Integrate anatomic processes into the embodiment
  • Improve everyday movements
  • Experience relaxation and wellness
  • Experience pleasure in moving to music
  • Enjoy the manifold songs
  • For trainers and trainees!
  • For all who love to move
  • Embody bones, muscles and organs
  • Strong and mobile at the same time: elasticity
  • Dynamic as well as relaxing exercises
  • Exercise instructions by speakers/singers